Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only 4 full days left..

Hi everyone, Laura here.
What a week it has been! We are pleased to announce that we have signed all the paperwork and paid the deposit for what will be our house for the next almost-five-months. It was a stressful process, with many a Skype phone call being ended with an abrupt "we don't do any leases for less than six months", in a broad Yorkshire accent. In the end, we have managed to find a nice one bed flat in Kirkstall, which is, according to the ever trusty Google maps, a 40 minute walk from Leeds Uni. Let's hope our snow boots are comfy to walk in.
While I am on the topic of snow boots, we though you might like a bit of a run down on what we plan to bring with us. I have really been struggling with the concept that we will be flying into a country where it isn't getting much warmer than 5℃. So I have made the executive decision to leave hot weather clothes at home, and pack for the cold weather. We will be in the UK until the end of May, so we will be able to pick up the warmer weather gear there.

We will be taking our 13" MacBook Pro, Elly's DSLR camera (thanks Elly!), our little point and shoot camera, chargers for both, adaptors (UK and Europe) and warm gloves!

Here we have our backpacks, Ben's snow boots (I have to get mine over there), a travel pillow (thanks Lisa!), our fantastic shell jackets, and big comfy warm scarves made by my mum.

The laptop will be kept in this new laptop case. I got sick of not finding any decent cases for under $40. So I got some spare material out and made this the other afternoon. It's even double sided so that Ben can have a blue case!

So there you have it, a couple of things we are bringing with us on our adventures. We are getting very close to getting on that plane now, and it's started to get a little more real.
We have lots to do between now and Sunday, but we will try and update before we go.

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